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Are you in the process of becoming an (Internet) entrepreneur, or have you perhaps already started? 

Then a well-functioning and discoverable website is indispensable! Your website is often the only way for customers to perceive your business. It is therefore extremely important that your website is user-friendly and represents your business in the best possible way. It should look and feel professional and trustworthy.  A dynamic website gives potential customers access to the latest information about the company. The advantages of a business website are obvious, but many freelancers and small business owners have not yet (fully) taken advantage of this opportunity. I can help you change that!

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You're probably familiar with the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words." And that's true, especially when it comes to promotional work. A single, good picture sums up what you're trying to say with a thousand-word article (or sometimes more?). This is certainly just as (if not more) true for video. And whiteboard animation video in particular is extremely well suited to convey your (commercial) message, loud and clear!
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Clear and well-organized

Ben has created several websites for me to my utmost satisfaction. I know Ben as a very professional entrepreneur, who listens carefully to your needs and knows how to translate them into a website that ranks high in Google!

I am often told that my websites are so clear and uncluttered, which of course leads to more sales. I can definitely recommend Ben!

Angela de Haan


Fast and communicative

Ben helped me transfer my old website to a new system called Phoenix. He is responsive and communicative, so the lines of communication are fast. He is also willing to walk the" extra mile ". Ben does more than expected, a unique trait. But the biggest compliment I can give him, and what I also find very valuable, is that he acts as a partner in the work process.

Thank you for your help!

Franklin Leers


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