Digital Nomad

In 2015, I embarked on a journey abroad with my girlfriend, which took us via Germany (2 years) through Spain (4 years), and finally to Portugal. Here we live with our 4 cats, and it looks like we have found our final destination! All 6 of us are having a great time here.

The climate is fantastic, of course, but so are the natural surroundings, the food, the people, the relaxed atmosphere, and life in Portugal in general! It makes sure we don't forget to live in the midst of our busy lives ;) 


Ben Brok web design
My digital journey into the wonderful world of the web started at the end of 2014 when my girlfriend asked me to help her with her online work. I was immediately hooked, as I already had a certain affinity for everything that takes place online. Besides all the technical stuff, I started to delve into the world of internet marketing. I followed all the big online gurus, both nationally and internationally. This gave me a solid foundation for my current work, where the focus is still on the technical side.

My drive is mainly the fact that I love helping people. There is almost nothing more satisfying than seeing the results of the work you have contributed to! A good example of this is the creation of a webshop for a shop that was forced by COVID-19 measures to also sell online. Thanks to the well-functioning webshop, the restrictions were managed very well. 

This is perhaps another good example of why I love this work so much. Even if the world stands still for a bit, you can always keep going, even if you are far away from the customer. And I firmly believe that online work will take an ever larger share in the (near) future.

We decided almost immediately during the first lockdown to anticipate the COVID restrictions and open a web shop.  Since he also created our website, we called Ben, and he did an amazing job. We had no experience with web shops, and thanks to his experience and flexibility, our web shop was online in a very short time!

Ben is always available and thinks about the smallest details, in order to offer our products in the best way. This allowed us to continue offering our service despite the restrictions. We can more than recommend him, professional, incredibly fast, thoughtful  and knowledgeable.

Chiara Cappellano - Il Tartufo Delft