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7 Copywriting tips to entice your customers

Online marketing often involves SEO, but not always the “real” reader. Yet it is important to take into account the people you want to bring to your website, webshop or blog. With syrup, you can catch more flies than with vinegar, with sexy lingerie you attract attention faster than with a worn boxer. With these 7 copywriting tips you can really tempt customers to take action.

Our 7 copywriting tips

1. Start with a catchy title

With a good title, you stimulate the reader and tempt you to click and continue reading. Briefly describe the subject and offer the objective you want to achieve in the title. A number always scores well, everyone likes lists! With the title of this article it works as follows:

7: A number!
Copywriting tips: This is the subject.
To entice your customers: This is the purpose of this article and of the interested reader.

copywriting tips

This structure, especially with a blog you can safely deviate from this formula. But always remain clear and stimulate the reader.

2. Keep it relevant

Some people “don’t cut to the chase” in their stories and can spend hours on topics that have nothing to do with the main topic. That’s nice for a novel or in the pub, but not if you want to look up some information quickly. Choose a clear topic and make sure each paragraph fits that.

3. Specify a problem

A problem is a good starting point. This applies not only to products but also to services. In this case, you want to “seduce customers” through texts. The question or the problem will interest the right audience in reading your content. It can also be a very specific problem:

  • Energy costs too high?
  • Airline tickets too expensive?
  • Is the roof of your house leaking?

These are just a few concrete examples of problems. The more specific you can describe the problem, the better you can entice the right target group.


4. Offer the solution

Just addressing the problem is not enough, you also have to offer the potential customer a solution. Let’s take the previous problems as an example again:

  • Energy costs too high? Get your cavity walls insulated!
  • Airline tickets too expensive? Book a Last-Minute quickly!
  • Is the roof of the house leaking? Order a roofer today!

These are more than just titles, the content of the page must really answer these questions. With each paragraph and sub-header, you have to entice the reader to read further. If you do not always come up with interesting information, the visitor will quickly drop out.

5. It’s about the reader, not just about your service/product

You sell a cleaning product that is much better than the rest. Very nice, but be careful with recommending your product, look at it from the point of view of the reader who has a problem that you can solve. The interested visitor has a greasy kitchen, you offer a cleaning agent to clean the kitchen. Just look at these two fragments:

“Our cleaner cleans streak-free, it is made with environmentally friendly ingredients and the bottle has a safety cap.”


“From now on you can clean all greasy surfaces streak-free! Thanks to the environmentally-friendly ingredients, you do not only save the environment but also yourself. The special safety cap makes the product safe for the whole family. “

The same information but now aimed at the user, the product is at the service of the customer. This also applies to service providers. Those days of “we do this …” and “our customers are …” is long gone. “What can you do for me?” and “Why should I become your customer?” are the questions that need to be answered!

6. Give your message an urgency


Especially when you sell a product you want to activate customers quickly. You have to be careful with CAPS LOCK and screaming language, these can scare people off.  What you can do is set a time limit or mention scarcity. Think of “Limited stock, act quickly”, or “This offer will expire … (date)” and “Only … (number) left in stock!”. Of course, a condition is that this urgency is true. If you have a website of several years old saying  that there are only 3 left in stock is not credible. It should never be just a marketing trick, it should always be sincere advice.

7. The relationship between informing and advertising in copywriting

Online marketing often works differently than traditional marketing. Online it is often less direct, you use information to sell someone a product or service. When someone clicks a banner with “buy now!” you do not have to supply much more than a shopping basket and payment information. You can also offer services and products with a blog article, but do not be intrusive. With a well-placed “call-to-action” you achieve more than constantly begging people to place an order. With these 7 copywriting tips you can entice customers to A: click on your link and B: to accept your offer.

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