Blogging: 7 reasons why you should start now!

Blogging, many entrepreneurs already do it. But there are still many that don’t. It is time-consuming and also requires a certain amount of writing talent. These are some of the most frequently heard excuses why people don’t have a blog. In this article, I will explain why these assumptions are totally wrong!

Become familiar with blogging

In our internet age, blogging has become a trendy web-based social phenomenon and this will continue to evolve over time. Individuals make blogs for both personal and business purposes. Since the cyber world has become more accessible, more and more people are familiar with blogging and with its importance. In fact, many of them use blogging as a means to raise additional income.

What is a blog?

Before you can understand all aspects of blogging, you first need to know what a blog is. Generally speaking, blogs relate to websites that contain information about a particular topic with different subtopics. With features such as a diary-like content, links to other sites and/or articles, or comments. A blog is also a written piece focusing on various topics such as sports, business, politics and much more.


Blogging is a comprehensive process of writing (creating blog posts), which is similar to writing a diary. The required skills include writing and editing messages, posting your blog posts on social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing. When creating a blog, you have to be as creative as possible, so that your content will be interesting and attractive to readers and visitors to the site. Keep in mind that the nature of the content you create and the message you have in your blog can determine what kind of blogger you are and how you position yourself to the outside world. A blog is generally personal, contains many news items and personal stories/experiences and contains little general information.

Why more and more people start blogging

The nice thing about blogging is that ‘normal people’ can become famous and successful with it. Provided you do the right things, are interesting and have a long breath. You usually start getting visitors after a few months. So in those first months, it is difficult to stay motivated because you get very little response. Just hang in there, eventually they will come!

A nice example of a beauty blog is, a blog with 760,000 unique visitors per month.  Another example is Deliciously Ella. This blog is founded by a lady who has overcome a serious illness thanks to healthy nutrition and started to write about it. It now has over 1 million visitors a month! Can you imagine what such a high number of visitors can mean for your business?

ella blogging

Reasons to start blogging

There are a number of reasons why you should start blogging as an entrepreneur:

  1. Blogging helps with your online presentation and credibility
  2. Blogs serve as an effective tool to interact with followers and potential customers
  3. Blogging is free and easy to do
  4. Blogging provides a growing number of free visitors from organic search results in search engines like Google
  5. It increases the value of your website
  6. You increase your expert status
  7. You keep visitors informed of news and developments within your company

If you have a business, blogging is a good tool because it helps to speed up it’s success. Blogging is also a way ofinteracting with customers and solving problems with them. If you are able to produce top quality blogs, you can certainly expect a lot of followers and this means more potential customers.

How can you start?

Every person can start blogging as long as he or she chooses a good topic and sets clear goals. To begin with, you need a website. The most used system for creating your website is WordPress. A big advantage of WordPress is that you can use this system for free and that the possibilities to add functionalities to your website are virtually unlimited. Then you choose an interesting topic and a catchy title for your blog post. Write your blog posts from your own personal experiences and ideas. Soon you will develop your own style. It is absolutely worthwhile to write a blog regularly because with each article you will get better at it! And of course if you are interesting enough you will get more and more organic (free) visitors from Google.

But I can not write at all!

Do not let yourself be limited by convictions that you have about yourself. You can learn how to write. The nice thing about blogging is that people write from their selves. In their own words and in their own personal style. There are very good books on blogging that can inform and inspire you.

You can also start vlogging

Vlogging means video blogging. In any case, the following applies to Google: “The more interactive and multi-media your blog is, the more value Google assigns to your blog”. So make sure you integrate with social media and use videos, photos, infographics, audios and PDFs in your blog posts as well as text. Video’s are increasingly winning over written text.

I can hear you thinking: “But standing in front of a camera makes me nervous!”. That is very understandable. But just as with blogging, vlogging also applies, the more you practice, the easier it becomes. If necessary, first practice in front of a mirror before you start recording your first vlog. Then ask your partner or family members if you can practice before them. You will see that after a while you will no longer feel awkward. In time you will become so confident with it, you will look like a pro and the amount of followers will grow!

vlogging or blogging

Blogging and SEO

It is important to optimize your blogs for search engines like Google. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. With SEO you optimize your website so that it comes as high as possible in the organic results of Google. The internet is growing very fast and the bigger it gets, the harder it gets to score high in the search results. Read more about SEO in this article.


E-mail marketing

Once you attract visitors, you can also start converting some of those visitors to returning visitors. You do this with the help of a registration option on your newsletter. In the mailings you can refer people back to your website every time you post a new article. But do not just ask anywhere on your website for people to subscribe to it! That doesn’t really work. Instead, try to make it attractive by giving something away for free, like an e-book. Of course the e-book should have value for your subscribers. I will tell you more about e-books and mailing systems in future articles.

Getting started

It is important that you start now because there is still so much to be gained now. However, the number of websites that are successful with a good blog strategy is rising fast. The longer you wait the harder it gets to beat your competitors! So hopefully, this article motivates you to start blogging. If you have started and have any questions or got stuck on something, contact me anytime for help or more info 🙂

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