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Social media: a powerful tool for your business

You cannot go two steps today without some form of social media bombarding you with information. Social media has seen exponential growth within the last 10 years. For many people it has become impossible to live without as well.

It is estimated that there are almost 3 billion out of the 7 billion people on the planet using social media in one form or another. 3 billion might just sound like a number to you but imagine this. Let’s say about 1% percent of these people are engaged in a certain business, or have a certain interest.
That is still 30 million people!

So your business is bound to flourish if you make use of social media to sell your products or sell your brand.

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Social Media Marketing as a Tool

Gone is the days when you would have to hire pricey advertisement companies to help you expand your business. Now the only things you need to market your product is your own self and your credit card.
Use your own ingenuity to create bite-sized adverts and spread them around social media. Social media is now the advertisement companies that you would need to contact in order to spread your brand.

But unlike with conventional advertisement companies, you do not have to bust out the bank. With relatively inexpensive rates, literally, anyone can advertise whatever they want (as long as they meet standards).

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The trick to successful advertising is to corner a niche. As long as you focus on getting your product or business out to your niche then you can flourish. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter actually allow you to choose exactly who you want your advertisements to go to.

They allow you to choose age, sex, nationality and times explicitly to your needs. What is great is that you can expand worldwide as well if you so wish. It is estimated by the year 2020 85% of buyer-seller interaction will take place through social media and video.

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Even today scrolling through Facebook you can see countless posts of people advertising their home businesses. And the surprising thing is, most of these businesses are pretty successful!

Product tagging on social media platforms

Thanks to the latest update from Instagram, you can now also tag products in the feed. Product tagging is interesting for all brands and companies that sell online products.

In short, product tagging is linking products to content on social channels, such as Instagram. The social channel has launched this functionality to create a seamless experience for users, from mail to purchase. The user can directly click through to the product in the webshop. This way he does not have to leave the app and is making a purchase faster and easier. The Instagram user thus actually visits the webshop within the app.

Companies can tag five products in the photo by post. These tags remain invisible until a user clicks on the photo. Then he will also see the price of the product and the user can click through for additional product information. After this, he is forwarded to the webshop, where the product is immediately for sale. The user can also save the product to reflect on the potential purchase.

A condition is that your company manages a business Facebook and/ or Instagram account. Through Facebook, you get the opportunity to put your products in a catalogue. A solid, mobile-friendly webshop is also crucial. The visitor must be able to make purchases on the landing page. This turns your action button into a real ‘shop button’.

social media

7 social media platforms we will discuss

• Facebook
• Instagram
• Twitter
• Pinterest
• LinkedIn
• YouTube
• Vimeo

These are amongst the most popular social media websites that are relatively advertiser-friendly. Sites like Reddit and Tumblr are not social media websites and not friendly for small advertisers as well. As such we will not include these sites in our list


Facebook is one of the biggest, oldest and most well-known websites today. It is still the most visited social media site in the entire world today. Facebook has 2.19 billion active users as of writing.
2.19 billion active users! This means that dead profiles or dead accounts are not included in this count.

Facebook social media

Facebook is split into a quite a number of profile types. Some of these you might use for your business advertisements and some not at all.

The private profile is the most common. These are for everyday people who wish to connect with friends and family.

Then there are groups. These are further split into public and private groups. You can advertise or ‘boost’ individual posts, a photo, or even an entire album.


Instagram is a picture based platform  with 800 million users. Advertisement is very easy with this platform. Individual pictures can be boosted with a certain budget. The higher the budget, the more reach you will get. Since it’s owned by Facebook, you can link your Facebook and Instagram accounts. And just like on Facebook, you can make use of product tagging, which will help you boost sales!


Twitter has 336 million active monthly users.
You can create 140 character posts with an attached picture and boost it to a similar structure used on Instagram.
Simply create an eye-catching image, with little information about your product or brand and then advertise away!


Pinterest social media

Pinterest has 100 million active users. This platform has long since dominated Google Images search results and for good reason. It also drives 7.17% of all social media referral traffic!
This too is a mostly picture based platform.
An interesting image on this platform spreads like wildfire. You can promote your ‘pins’ easily, and they appear as normal posts on the website.
The more you spend, the more your post gets seen by users. Pinterest allows you to curate your audience to extremely specific audiences.


LinkedIn is the Facebook of the business world. You know how they say that the key to success is having the right contacts, right? LinkedIn creates these contacts for you.
It has 467 million users.

Most people have the impression that LinkedIn is only just a collection of employees and names. But it is one of the most effective ways to connect with people in the corporate world and a good way to boost your business and brand!

LinkedIn social media


YouTube is the biggest online video platform. It has so many tools to help people advertise. It has 1 billion active users. You can create videos and embed them across any site or platform. YouTube has so many daily users, and you can honestly get a lot of outreaches.


Vimeo is a platform similar to YouTube, but it has less active users.
Vimeo has 100 million users, and it has more features and allows for more video types to be uploaded.

Vimeo allows you to upload videos and hide them from their main page. But you can still embed them on other websites. This feature is very useful for coaches and trainers who make use of video material in an online learning environment.

Vimeo also has less strict censorship laws than YouTube.

Still not using social media for your business?

Are you a small business owner or online entrepreneur of any kind, and you are still not making use of social media for your business? Then it is time to take action! Since the costs of advertising on social media platforms are low, it is really only time and effort that you are investing.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, contact me anytime with your questions!

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